Security agencies have today Thursday raided city buildings in the operation code named Tokola 3 aimed at curbing phone theft and Laptops.  

It’s believed that during the operation, over 100 suspects have been arrested. 

The operation has been carried out in city arcades namely Mutasa Kafero, Majestic plaza, Cooper Complex, Kalungi plaza ,Kirumira arcade. 

Yesterday police arrested a man suspected to have stolen phones in areas of Kawempe. Police identified the suspect as Allan Ggayi, a resident of Kyanja Gayaza. 

According to police over 160 mobile phones were spotted in Ggayi’s vehicle after seaching it. 

The suspect was arrested following a call from Kawempe lugoloba Police Station alerting other units of the thugs who had made off with people’s phones. 

Allan Ggayi was transferred to Kawempe Police station and he’s likely to be charged with robbery and theft.