Former Oxfam Executive Director also wife to former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has condemned the gross increased violation of gay rights in Uganda calling it so shameful.

In a brief statement posted on her official twitter handle, Byanyima stated that gay Ugandans have equal rights like all other Ugandans, adding that assaulting them is cruel and inhuman.

Winnie Byanyima says such acts contradicts everything that our religious, culture and traditions that teach us.

Winnie’s comments follow after a Rwandan gay refugee was brutally beaten at Gay refugee care NGO office Sunday morning.

She called for authorities to intervene and make sure gay rights are observed.


  1. This woman is now spoiled by so called westernization , she should remember that she’s an African more a Ugandan a true religious country
    Let her not only focus on the money she gets from there but also our culture here
    Sodoma and gomola was destroyed by God bcoz of homosexuality “what is the devil doing to these the would be understanding people 😪

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