Kyadondo East legislator and people power boss has lashed at president Museveni for deliberately making Ugandans choke on poverty.

According to Focus economics which decided to forecasted GDP per capita from 2019 to 2023 for 127 countries, Uganda is ranked number three and according to the UNICEF report 2019 on poverty, Karamoja tops the list with 85%, Bukedi with 80%,west nile with 81%,Bugisu is poor with 80%, Acholi with 76% and Busoga region at 75%.

Figures by Focus Economics

But all this come as a result of a president who uses machinery in irrigation and tells the natives to use bottles to irrigate crops, all poverty alleviation plans initiated by President have all hit a snag of a dead end, schemes like entandikwa, bona bagagawale, NAADS, Steady progress have all crippled Ugandans in total absolute poverty.

After promising Ugandans middle income status by 2020 which is now turning to be an impossible dream, president Museveni who last week blamed Bobi wine of crippling the economy for the last 33 years is now seeking new reading from a new political script.

However, according to Bobi wine he thinks Museveni has deliberately kept Ugandans in poverty in order to rule them and he has turned all Ugandans into beggars and made them think he owns every single coin in Uganda and as we approach 2021, he has already started splashing out money to whoever kneels before him.