Museveni, your heart has been hardened by greed and misadvises. Your sight is blurred by selfishness. Your mind is corrupted by mischief and your soul is held captive by your insatiable appetite for power and fame.

While the blood of the heroes and heroines massacred in Luweero cries out, you are callous. A thick pall covers the future of this nation because of one man. You!!!! The past stinks because of what you did in order to enter state house.

The present is like hell for everyone because of what you do daily to stay in state house. The future is gloomy because of how you will leave. I want to share some powerful insights with you about leadership. Collapsing dictatorships lose their ears first. You don’t listen anymore.

But I know you will hear. Who is a great leader? The greatest act of leadership, is what happens in your absence. If everything you have done died with you, you are a failure. True leadership is measured by what happens after you are gone (die).

This is why true leaders may not invest in buildings. Jesus never built a building. True leaders must always invest in people. Why? Because success without a successor is failure. Your legacy should not be in buildings, programs and projects. The legacy of a true leader must be in people.

The greatest act of a leader, is mentoring. Whom are you mentoring to take your place? True leaders make themselves unnecessary. A true leader works themselves out of a job. Great leaders, measure their success by their absence. Study Jesus!!! The greatest leader of all. Listen to His words.”It is better for you that I go away. If I don’t go away, you won’t be great. My absence, is your greatness.”

This great leader Jesus proved his greatness by leaving. He left!!! And His organization grew in His absence. My question is Mr. President, if you died today in an accident, what happens to your party NRM? What happens to your family and to Uganda? If all the entities you have led for decades die when you die you are a failure.

Therefore I encourage you right now. You still have up to 2021. Identify your successors. Encourage them, mentor them and develop them. Mandela became a national hero when he led S.Africa to victory over apartheid. But his greatest acclaim came when he left just after four years of presidency.

He deliberately made himself unnecessary for the survival of ANC. That is what leaders must do. You cannot entwine the entities you lead on your mortal persona and be great.

Peter Waiswa

The Writer is a private contributor to Ultimate News and an FDC Activist from Jinja-Uganda.

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  1. If I were His Excellency Mr Museveni, I would have resigned immediately after reading this letter which contains small but very good lesson and piece of advice

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