Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya’s family has issued an ultimatum of 5 years to Singer Rema Namakula to quit music and concentrate on her marriage. 

This ultimatum was made during the traditional visit locally known as ‘Kukyala’ that saw Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya visit Rema’s parents on 9th Oct 2019, as a custom norm that is required to be fulfilled before marriage.  

According to Hamzah’s family, its reportedly said that Rema agreed to these terms and she is willing to give up her musical career in 5 years. 

The family also added that because Remah is a celebrity who is love by millions of Ugandans, that’s they have allowed her to do everything in her music career in 5 years and immediately quit the industry to concentrate on marriage and her new found family.  

Rema’s official introduction ceremony is slated for 14th November 2019