Wreckage of the 5Y-IZO that Crashed

News that reaching ultimate desk indicate that a plane belonging to Silverstone Air has skidded off the run away at Wilson Airport in Kenya’s capital Nairobi leading to a crash.

According to eye witnesses, the aircraft lost its way during take-off to Mombasa on Friday morning.

From the images taken at the scene, images showed the aircraft that plunged into a thicket, hitting some trees and breaking part of its win before being grounded, tilted to one side.

Kenya Red Cross reported that the 5Y-IZO aircraft developed some technical hitch while taking off and a passenger who had boarded the plane told Daily nation that they realized they were yet to hit the skies when the pilot realized some issues without giving details.

There were no immediate reports on causalities but most of the passengers suffered trauma after literally brushing with death. Silverstone Air, Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) and managers of Wilson Airport are yet to issue a statement on the mishap

Emergency rescue teams at the airport evacuated the plane, with the pilot and some passengers being rushed to various hospitals for medical checkup.

Source: Daily Nation