Pastor Bujingo Battles To Marry Suzan Makula

As many are condemning city pastor Aloysius Bujingo for boycotting his long time wife Teddy Bujingo whom he already has four children, his fellow pastor Moses Solomon Male has highlighted on key points in the legal battle where the pastor is seeking divorce.

According to pastor Male, Bujingo’s marriage with Teddy is now irreversible and that’s the reason why he supports the House of prayer boss to go ahead and marry Suzan Makula whom he has already proposed to because he’s not the first one, even Bishop Kiganda did it publically.

Over the weekend, internet was a wash of photos of Bujingo with his parents who came from Rwanda, also the surprise photo was that of Bujingo proposing to Suzan Makula on stage infront of a filled up Namboole Stadium congregation that attended his Independence night.

This comes at the backdrop of a legal battle for divorce that has been in the media for several months where he seeks to divorce Teddy whom he has been married for the past 29 years. The battle is shared equally with State minister for Youth and children Affairs Nakiwala who summoned Bujingo on grounds of child neglect and domestic violence which the pastor denied.

“Much as Teddy refused to divorce, it doesn’t stop court proceedings to grant divorce in favor of the affected party if the marriage is irretrievable, it’s not a necessity that all parties have to agree the divorce, even if one party is not interested in the idea of separating. However, if Bujingo had married his wife Biblically all this couldn’t be happening”- Says Pastor Male

The pastor was in an interview with Spark Tv to give in his views on the now talk of the town where many have already started branding him as Hajji Bujingo because he is bonking the love of his wife whom he has already constructed a swanky mansion in Kampala and both are already leaving together.