Sk Mbuga

City Socialite Sulaiman Kabangala alias SK Mbuga has shared his prison experience, citing that all his troubles started from social media.

The socialite was jailed for almost two year in Dubai and later Sweden. He finally returned home recently as a free man, after prosecution in Sweden allegedly failed to adduce incriminating evidence about his alleged fraud charges.

During an interview with a local news outlet, Mbuga said that Mafias planned his down fall through social media, and before being jailed, he noticed the numerous fake accounts created in his names and their posts, but didn’t take them serious in the first place till when they landed him into trouble.

“My arrest was planned for a long time and it was engineered on social media, people created numerous fake accounts in my name, posting my ‘fake’ investments, charity, business among other stuff, to later use it as evidence that I had a lot of money,” he noted.

Mbuga claimed that all evidence presented in the Sweden court was coming from Uganda, because Swedish government had no case against him, but after ‘Mafia’s’ failing to convince court on the Shs23 billion fraud charges, court decided to release him before his second trial.


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