A 51-year-old man from Kamahuha village in Maragua in Murang’a county was on Thursday shocked when he woke up and found his manhood had been severed from his body.

In an interview with Kenya’s television K24 Digital, the man said he had spent Wednesday night drinking with his friends and enjoyed the liquor from 8pm Wednesday to 2am Thursday, he followed his male friend only Identified as Gerald Mbugua to his home.

“Throughout the journey, he (Gerald) kept on telling me that he would circumcise me for a second time. I treated his threats as a bad joke, laming his statement on the excess alcohol that he had taken” the victim told K24 Digital

To his surprise, the victim woke up at day break on Thursday, and went to the toilet for short call and found his penis had been cut off. He called his friends on phone, who arrived and took him to Muranga’a level 5 hospital with the help of the area Member of the county Assembly (MCA) and the suspect has since gone into hiding.


  1. Mr.Kiconco would not have caused eviction on these people b’se the person/s who sold it them would have been held responsible or the president would compensate him on behalf of the occupants on the said land.

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