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These days, it’s very rear to find an elite or youth in Uganda who is not connected to at least one or more social media platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram among others in this generation which was dubbed the Dot com era.

In Uganda, for the past 10 years, one social media platform has been on the rise with every one accessing it before Museveni’s government introduced social media tax in july 2019.

In a list released by facebook recently, about the app’s usage in major towns in Uganda, Kampala tops the list with 2.1 milion users of which 1.5 milion users are male while 750,000 are female Not much growth since 2016. Only about 500,000 new users. Facebook usage was of course impacted by the 2018 introduction of OTT Tax, where it registered a 40% drop.

Greater Kampala includes towns in Mukono & Wakiso districts, these are followed by Mbarara with 800,000 users, Jinja 34,000 users and the least town with the smallest number of Facebook users with only 5000 users.

Figures Of Facebook Users

Key observation in this is that all these towns have tertiary institutions like universities that seem to drive up numbers in usage and the 18-24 age bracket is still the dominant group using social media in Uganda, closely followed by 25-35

Source: Facebook Business Insights