VJ Junior

Popular movie translator Mary Smarts Matovu alias VJ Junior is under arrest at the URSB enforcement Unit headquarters! 

VJ Junior had gone to negotiate for the release of some people who were arrested and material that was confiscated yesterday when Zai Plaza was raided by the enforcement unit of Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI) and Uganda Registration Service Bureau to act upon those selling Ugandan movies without a Security Device! 

It’s said that UFMI and URSB don’t want Locally made movies to be ‘translated’ by VJs as it doesn’t make sense because they’re acted in local languages! 

Also, they want to reduce non-Ugandan movies on the market so as to promote Ugandan movies in a way of Buy Ugandan Build Uganda. 


  1. this is shit,

    Let VJ Junior be, we all love Ugandan movies naye ate temutusibako fake work. people making good work never complain but those with half baked projects bazitusibako.

    I am a filmmaker and picking a leaf from the western movies that’s why I know our content will break through but not through BEEFING VJs banage tukule

  2. I love movies like 94terror because it’s a good in fact very good project. so I can go for it first the watch the JOKER later but there Ugandan movies with poor audio and visual output of which I’d rather sleep than watching. so have good project we shall run for the like nothing.

  3. Ugandan movies have good and educative stories but the quality of visual and audio output is so fake and the way they acted , they take alot of time on one thing, imagine they you a car from home the work place. this is so fake, people always run for quality work, improve the Uganda movie industry and have strong regulations coz now am seeing so many groups even those who don’t even know how to act. leave junior , competition is allowed in bussiness

  4. our quality is to low ..let us first select good producers and editors who make good videos please we like watching ..black and white filmz help us plz OK .and release vj junior because he said he will not translate movies which are already in our own languages be serious please

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