Bobi Wine With Jonathan Tundulu

The Guild Representative Council (G.R.C.) of Kyanbogo University has today impeached its Guild President Tundulu Jonathan from office, ultimate news has learnt. 

According to Campus Bee, the sitting that was convened and kicked off at 11:00 AM, the Guild President tried to defend himself from the allegations against him but all in vain. He even reached a point of pleading for dialogue with the GRCs but they weren’t ready to compromise anymore. 

According to various sources, there was a chaos in the house, whereby Banda boys and Makerere University students sitting in the gallery in solidarity with Tundulu opposed commencement of the voting on the Motion and even hit some GRCs terribly. 

 However, the Police intervened and calmed the situation, bundling and throwing them outside the Guild House. 

At exactly 4:40 PM, Tundulu Jonathan was impeached from office after his lost the Vote of No Confidence and was immediately impeached from Office. 

However, Tundulu has appealed against the Vote and the Office of the Speaker is looking into the matter. 


  1. i congratulate our brothers and sisters at kyambogo upon standing on the truth nothing but the truth. ‘respect’

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