UGX 139bn URA Tower Floods After Heavy Down Pour


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URA Tower

The new Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) 23-floor tower in Nakawa was last evening flooded with water after the heavy downpour.In a video captured by a staff member, employees are seen running away from their desks taking refuge in another corner.

Computers which were on desks were left to be pounded by the leaking water.After a while, some staff members are seen running back to their desks to pull off the computers in order to salvage them from the water impact.It is not clear which floor was leaking.

The 23-floor building cost taxpayers Shs 139bn. It was officially opened by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in January this year. Its completion meant that URA had to shift most of its staff from nearby Kampala offices to the Tower.

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