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Museveni Relieves Pastors the Burden of Compulsory Theological Education Ahead of 2021 Elections

President Museveni- FILE PHOTO

President Museveni seems to be over whelmed by the wave of the political environment in Uganda so far. If we are to go by the look of things, he has started mobilizing and soliciting for votes ahead of 2021 general elections.

After holding successful campaigns in the guise of operation wealth creation early this year, the country’s long serving president is utilizing any chance availed to him from music concerts to churches to convince Ugandans that he’s still in need of the country’s top job.

Last year, government through the Minister of Ethics Father Simon Lokodo proposed a policy of regulating the works of pastors, faith based organizations and compulsory theological education for all pastors with minimum of certificate.

The policy received much resistance at from the pastors country and has since then been shelved by government under unclear circumstances but we can’t under look the fact that president Museveni couldn’t just force a policy to pastors yet he needs their votes and those of their followers in 2021.

Pastors Lining Up At Lugogo

However, what sounded as relief brought happiness to pastors during their Pastors and Evangelists conference at Lugogo Cricket Oval today Monday, Museveni said there is no need of government wasting so much time on such policies.

“I have not heard time to discuss it with Lokodo but I don’t know why we should waste so much time on it. Since the brains are democratically instituted, we shall find a solution. We shall understand one another’ said Museveni.

The new proposed policy will require faith-based institutions to train clerics for their respective denominations and it will also place procedures to be followed by whoever wants to start a new church and will be required to declare their source of income.

To make it stricter, the same policy also seeks to enforce transparency and financial accountability in religious institutions and it was seen that it is particularly targeting the born again pastors whom the ethics Minister Father Lokodo accuses of extorting their congregants as they live a swanky life and drive posh cars.

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