Annet Namata Who was feeding her step daughter on menstrual blood

Grade one magistrate in Mukono Patience Koburunga has sentenced a woman identified as Annet Namata for allegedly feeding her step daughter on Menstrual blood mixed in sauce to two years in prison.

While giving her judgement, Magistrate Patience Koburunga noted that Namata pleaded guilty on 7th august 2019 and asked for a simple sentence because she has to take care of her three children and this is the reason why she was sentenced to two years in prison instead of seven.

Taking you back to the genesis of this case, on 6th June 2019 in Kitega village Wantoni in Mukono, Namata was discovered feeding her step daughter on her (Namata’s) menstrual blood that she used to mix in her source of G. nut paste whenever she was giving her food.

This prompted the step daughter (names withheld) because to inform her father about this weird behavior that her step mother was venturing in and this led to her arrest.

Her sentence to two years has raised mixed reactions even from her real husband Yunus Lungu who says the two years is a very small punishment to his wife and also other people have also said this will give courage to other women to mistreat their step children because they know the sentence is not so big.


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