Col. Kaka 

The Internal Security Organisation Director, Col.Kaka Bagyenda has refuted claims torture of suspects by security organs, saying that Members of Parliament accusing the security organs of torturing suspects are just ignorant and that he can’t waste his time on them.

A few weeks ago, MPs led by Latif Sebaggala and Kassiano Wadri raised a matter of national importance that ISO is running safe houses in un-gazetted places where some Ugandans are reportedly kept and tortured.

However, Col. Bagyenda denied the allegations stating that the security agency cannot be involved in the torture of suspects as it is alleged.

“In the bush war, I was the intelligence officer of the mobile brigade that captured Kampala but I never tortured anyone. They can vilify me but I want witnesses to come and pin me on torturing them,” Kaka said.

“Torturing suspects is not part of our standard operating procedures and in fact, if it was so, I would have started with Sobbi (Paddy Sserunjogi).”

COL. Kaka added that MPs are ignorant of what happens, maintaining that they will always push baseless lies but time will be the top judge.

 “Some politicians (MPs) are ignorant because it is not their professional area. They therefore, should not pretend to know more than we do.”