Events Promoter Balaam Barugahara has halted the fundraising campaign for Jackie Chandiru and has refunded those who had contributed, after Jackie’s family came out to claim that the only help they need for their daughter is prayer,

Balaam said today morning that he was informed that a well-wisher through her family had taken up Jackie’s medical and recovery bill 100%.

The following monies have been refunded;
– 550,000/= sent to Pastor Wilson Bugembe has been refunded to senders.
-950,000/= from the Musicians Association has been refunded to Association President Sophie Gombya.

The pending hospital bill totaling to 2,400,000/= at the Recovery Solutions Treatment & Counseling Centre Zana has been cleared by Pastor Bugembe and Promoter Balaam.

The campaign is concluded no need for Financial Support or Contribution