Gen Kale Kayihura

Gen. Kale Kayihura has made shocking claims that there are a group of people who want to take his life.

The Ex Inspector General of Police made the claims while Speaking on Bukedde radio’s program ‘Ekili Atabaala’ on Monday.

Kayihura stated that there is a group of people who have hated him for a long time and they are doing everything to end his life.

However, Kayihura declined to reveal the identities of people whom he claims to behind the plans of killing him.

The former police boss also added that these people have been tarnishing his name even when he was still heading the Police.

“They accused me of committing several atrocities including promoting kidnaps and murders across the country. They used to shout my name but even after my departure, the same crimes still exist but I do not hear anyone blaming my successor Ochola. These people want to kill me,” Kayihura said.

Kayihura freshly came back to make news headlines after the U.S government slapped sanctions against him and his family including a travel ban for allegedly abusing human rights and corruption.

He added that, “The insinuations in the statement that I could own any property outside Uganda are totally fabricated and malicious. The freezing of my so-called assets therefore, is comical.”

Kayihura noted that when he was still the Police Chief, he presented the list of properties to the Inspector General of Government [IGG] adding that the biggest investment he has is his farm of goats at his country home in Kasagama.


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