South Africa’s President Ramaphosa With ED Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has publicly apologized on behalf of his government and South Africans for the xenophobic attacks that targeted foreigners over the recent weeks.

The president used the chance of Mugabe’s funeral service to submit in an apology to whoever was affected in the attacks.

South Africa was the talk of Africa and the world over in the past weeks before Mugabe’s death when South Africans launched attacks on foreigners especially Nigerians, Zambians, and others looting their property, burning down shops and killing some which many leaders condemned but the government had never tendered in a public apology to the affected.

Ramaphosa says has also sent a delegation led by led by Jeff Ladebe to countries like Nigeria and other countries to tender in South Africa’s apology, deliver a message of solidarity and mend the broken friendship.