Wreckage of the Taxi

At least eight people believed to have perished in a grisly accident that occured in Nawantumbi in Nawanyago sub-county along the Kamuli to Jinja road.

Eye witnesses privy to this accident reveal say, the over speeding taxi Reg No: UAZ 861 T swerved off the main road and killed other two boda boda drivers and only three people survived.

This comes at the back drop of a spate of accidents on major highways, one accident in Lira when a Kitgum bound bus belonging to Roblyn coaches killed in 7 last week, another accident today early morning involving a bus belonging to Modern coast collided with a trailer in Busowa in Bugiri district along the Jinja- Tororo highway.

By the time of failing this story, police was yet to avail the details.

This is a developing story,

Details to follow…….


  1. This spate of road accidents is blamed swuarely on the passengers or the people being transported. Ugsndans are so naive today at the expense of their own lives. They keep mute when these drivers are speeding to their death. If one attempts to complain about overspeeding one is quckly silenced by a barrage of abuses from fellow travellers. I always stand my ground because I have several mobile numbers of senior traffic officers I can always call and report these errand drivers. Before I board any public transport vehile I jot down the registration number and colour of such vehicle. This enables to describe the type of vehicle to the traffic officers. This works and I call upon you good people to adopt this method and save this country from the loss of lives of our innocent travellers
    Another thing now concerns overloading of passengers. Almost all PSV taxes overload and the Traffic Police simply turns a bind eye
    Neither the Traffic Police nor any laws or puntive action will stopbthis road . It MUST be we people, the travellers, who can save ourselves from destruction and extinction.

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