Nagirinya Prime Suspects

The murder of NGO employee Nagirinya Miriam and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa shocked everyone since it was a rare abduction and kidnap different from the previous ones where the abductors could ask ransom from the victim’s family.

During her funeral mass at Lubaga cathedral, president Museveni vowed to bring the killers to book and tasked police to do whatever it can to arrest the Nagirinya killers and he has since then directed for the dismissal of all police cops attached to Natete CCTV monitoring unit over negligence.

Police was very first to release a CCTV footage showing a man in a red jacket driving Nagirinya’s car, early this week police confirmed to have arrested five men in a Sunday night raid motivated by the Chieftancy Of Military Intelligency (CMI) at 11pm On Mabiito Club, this was followed by firing of bullets and two of the five were immediately arrested including a one Kasolo commonly known as Arsenal and another one identified as Baros who led to the arrest of the rest

As fate would have it, Arsenal was found donning a red jacket, one in which he was captured by the CCTV camera as he drove Nagirinya’s Toyota Spacio and another suspect was found in possession with Kitayimbwa’s simcard.

However, in a quite promising revelation by police last night, the spokesperson confirmed they have in custody the man who paid the Nagirinya Killers and Fred Enanga says it’s a break through to enable investigators get to the bottom line of this case.

“We are following all leads but the most important thing is that yesterday (Monday) we arrested the deal maker, the one who identified the plot” he said

The deal maker who is believed to have contacted the killers was apprehended in Wakiso district and his arrest followed information provided by the ‘’prime suspects taken into custody last night. However, officials declined to name the man, who is reportedly being held under CMI custody for fear of jeopardizing the ongoing investigations.

This investigative website has also learnt that the Monday arrest, touted in security circles as a significant person with priceless information amid revelations that the inquiries were being widened to Nagirinya’s work place and family as detectives string together the killer’s motive and this brings the number of the arrested to Seven.