Woman Caught In The Video

A Uganda police officer has sent internet in frenzy mode after busting a couple having sex in a car, the curious police officer is heard asking endlessly questions to the couple as he threatened to drag them to police for doing bad manners in some place not yet identified.

In a video that’s making rounds on social media a 35-year-old woman of Acholi origin confirms to the cops that she was not engaging in any sexual activity despite being caught pants down with a bottle of Smirnoff. She further narrates that she has four children and the boy was just escorting her home.

The boy is ordered to call his father or bring his number since the car he was using belonged to his father, he’s asked why his clothes were off and looked angers.

The curious police officer is seen cautioning the woman why she decided to engage in coitus interruptus with a young boy of 18 years, in the same manner the cop cautions the boy on sleeping with old women which risks his life to HIV/HIDS