Revelers At Nyege Nyege

Uganda police has cleared the 2019 Nyege Nyege cultural festival which will kick off tomorrow 05th -08th September at Nile Discovery beach in Njeru Police, which is the lead agency in the operation will monitor and secure the Nyege Nyege Festival.

Following a meeting with police, the organisers of the festival agreed to ensure maximum adherence to guidelines stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) they reached with security agencies.

According to police, the organizers of the 4day event elaborated that the purpose is to promote Ugandan culture and local music.

Some of the key aspects which are embedded in the MOU include;

Organizers to provide police with a detailed program of the event to inform the deployment of security personnel as well as free access for the Joint security at the venue at any point in time.

Police (Joint Intelligence Committee) to provide accreditation to legible persons after vetting them. Narcotic substances and any form of drug abuse is prohibited. The Canine and Anti-narcotics units have been tasked to ensure compliance to this measure.

Police to ensure that the event is accessed only by adults and anyone whose age is questionable shall be required to provide documentary evidence to prove their age.

In a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Uganda Police and the organisers of the festival, Talent Africa the festival should not turn into a political event. Processions and political rallies are NOT in the mandate of the Organizers of this festival.

Organizers to provide guidelines to the revelers prohibiting any use of prohibited drugs at the venue, acts of homosexuality, open sex and any other acts considered immoral because the Ugandan culture is a conservative one.

Police to carry out a number of activities in addition to vetting and accrediting. These activities include but are not limited to: covert and overt deployments, intelligence led patrols (foot and motorized), traffic control, aerial surveillance, and access control. The Counter terrorism and Fire and Rescue officers shall be at hand to support this operation.

Security agencies to work closely with other government institutions and Ministries such as Ministry of Health to prevent emergencies such as epidemics. First aid teams and ambulances shall be provided.