Rema and Kenzo
Kenzo And Rema During Their Happy Times

System Volongoto hit maker Eddy Kenzo was shocked yesterday to learn that his Baby Mama Rema Namakula had moved on with the love of her life a one Doctor Ssebunya Hamuza a Mulago Hospital Gaenocologist.
Social Media was a wash of Rema’s pictures of her Kukyala function and this raised mixed reactions with many fans roasting Eddy Kenzo for being reluctant and having an I don’t care attitude towards his baby mama.

After collecting himself to console his heart, Eddy Kenzo is set to release a song titled Bibawo in a struggle to have peace of love. For many years now, Eddy Kenzo had been linked to many city hooper eaters among these including fellow Musician Lydia Jazmine and other chics in the US.

Eddy Kenzo And Lydia Jazmine


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