Uganda Set to Repatriate Ebola Victims to Congo


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Ebola Response Team

The ministry of health confirmed a case of Ebola in the western district of Kasese last evening and according to a statement from the state minister for Primary health care Dr Moriku Kaducu the confirmed case is of a nine-year-old girl of Congolese origin.

Kaducu says in her statement that the child and her mother entered the country through Mpondwe Main Border post to seek medical care in Bwera, Kasese district and blood sample was drawn immediately and sent for testing at the Uganda Virus Research Institute and confirmed positive.

Kaducu however said since the child was identified at the point of entry, there are no contacts in Uganda adding that a rapid response team has been dispatched to support the district teams in their activities to contain Ebola. The confirmed case occurs about two months after the last outbreak in June which claimed two people.

But according to BBC that Ainebyoona Emmanuel – the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Uganda says government is working all possible to repatriate the victims to Congo like it was done two months to the victims in the same area who were later reported to have died in Congo upon return to the Ebola struck zones of Eastern Congo.

“We are working to see how the nine-year-old and her mother can be repatriated back to the DRC, where there is treatment that has been proven effective. “says Emmanuel

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