The Reality Of Christian Living


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On so many occasions, the life of a christian is regarded and limited to attending church and doing Godly and religious things, it’s actually true according to the scriptures.

When Paul wrote to the Colinthians in 1 Colinthians 1-3, he highlights going to church, God’s presence among his people and understanding better as you relate to others who love God.

In my community where i grew up from, people claim to be Christians even without going to church but rather basing on the reality that they hold Christian names.

Have you ever come across a situation where a christian says that “Once i graduate from college, from high school, once i get married, once my kids are older, once things slow down in life, once i make a little more money or once i retire…….then i can concentrate on doing what God wants me to do but in reality the world’s value system can creep and dictate in our lives.

Society demands like work among others tend to keep us a distance from God but it takes a committed christian to restore this and cherish God’s presence in his or her life.

Back to my first point of the reality of christian living, as Paul emphasizes it in Romans 13:8-10 basically living to love others and to live righteously in respect to the norms of Christianity but not limited to following the line of the ten commandments. Verse of the same book and chapter Paul says “He who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law” .

Above all obeying the law of the church, helping those in need, preaching and sharing the world of God, cherishing God’s presence in our lives, loving one another among other things best describes the reality of christian living because this is a reflection of Jesus’teachings and God’s gospel to his people.

As i wind up this topic, i pause a question to you reading this article. What best describes the reality of christian living, can some one live adorably as a christian without doing what God commands us to do as his children?

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