Just In: 15 People Feared Dead In Bulambuli Landslides

File Photo Of Landslides

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File Photo Of Landslides

About 15 people are believed to be covered under mudslides in Bulambuli District, the incident happened last evening in Dibeyi Village in Bulaago sub county in the Eastern district of Bulambuli district.
It’s reported that a whole family of 15 members were tilling there onion garden when amidst a heavy down pour.


This comes just few months when over 20 people were covered by landslides in Bududa district which has been suffering the tragedy on several occasions since 2019 and government has moved some victims to Bunambutye area.
So far one body has been recovered from the mud and locals are using rudimentary methods to search for the loved ones as they drum for help.
More to follow on this story………..

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