EXPOSED: How NRM's US Based Politician Snatched Her Auntie’s Husband.


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Henrietta Nairuba

As the UNAA elections and convention gets nearer set for next month, Ultimate news brings quite a shocking story of how one of the aspirants and Museveni’s sent candidate Henrietta Nairuba snatched her aunties husband’s man Mr. Ssenabulya. It’s reported that about 15yrs ago Henrietta Nairuba found herself totally stranded and stuck in South Africa.

She cried to her maternal Auntie Ms. Christine Nakubulwa to rescue her.  Christine being a good Auntie, she stepped in and brought her into the US, lived with her in Chicago, and started helping her to settle in, process her paper work and start a life.

Ms. Christine Nakubulwa Ssenabulya was married to Mr. Wamala Ssenabulya, a couple with 2 kids and were living as a happy family! Little did the Auntie know that whenever she would go to work, Nairuba would put on her provocative short skirts & manouvers and trapped the man into adultery.

It didn’t take long, Henrietta Nairuba wanted her Auntie’s husband all to herself. She launched a coup to backstab the Auntie in every evil way possible and throw her out of her home. She is called iron-lady for this very reason. She launched a serious war on her auntie that included juju and major threats to her children. The auntie was so broken, she couldn’t believe it and fear for her children’s safety, sent her into a state of depression and total helplessness! It was a total disaster! She has to move to a motel to collect herself and stay sane.

All Ugandans were in shock, who takes over their maternal auntie’s husband; that is literally their Dad?? Up to today, people wonder, if you cannot trust your niece, who can you trust, banange people??  People shake their heads wondering; how can Heneritta, a home wrecker, be the leader for Women Empowerment in UNAA?

Many wonder how a home-wrecker with no integrity can even be allowed to contest for unaa leadership? How can you trust an evil-minded chameleon like this?

She took her auntie’s man, and they now live together. Christine left the man to her, and started her recovery journey as a single mom.

That is how the iron-lady rolls, people!! She simply cannot be trusted with leadership of such a great community of people in North America. Ugandans deserve better than this mess!

In addition, close sources within the Henrietta camp also tipped us on a possible relationship of Ms. Henrietta Wamala Ssenabulya with the minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs Hon. Kahinda Otafiire. They say early this year, Otafire flew to the US to meet with Henrietta Wamala and after their cozy meeting, he promised to help her win the UNAA election hence connecting her to the government chief whip Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa who took Nairuba and Atigo to the President for funding towards the forthcoming UNAA election due in Chicago on 1st September.

Basically, she has no morals, she is tainted, her record of a home wrecker multiple times is enough to say, no thank you to her iron-lady aggressive hunger for power and men!

It should also be noted that Henrietta has been running a sexist campaign based on gender and “women empowerment”!  However, the question in many members’ mind is whether empowerment means stealing her Auntie’s husband or breaking other women’s relationships and denying their kids a chance to enjoy both their fathers’ and mothers’ love?? Answer me people? Answer please?

As Whisper eye, we pose a fundamental question that sums up everything that; With all these predicaments around the candidature of Henrietta Wamala, what is left of her for UNAA to explore if she manages to maneuver and becomes president? Over to the UNAA voters.

According to the latest polls, the race is between Nrm’s Henrietta Wamala and People Power’s Eng. John Julius Muwulya and Muwulya is leading with a single digit margin! Other candidates include Musisi Frank and Ogwang Patrick both running for the post of presidency for UNAA.

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