Woman Fighting-File Photo

Women for quite long have for long been seen not getting along with fellow women and this viciousness towards each other is framed as an age-old and expected part of female behavior.
However social commentators also treat the “mean girl” stereotype as a new discovery, or part of the human condition only recently acknowledged.
In the long run this enviness later leads them to hating each other for every reason and here are 10 of them.
1.Better Figure and Shape
Society decides a lot for women and every century and its fashion trend. These days, women feel big butts and hips are the trend now and so when they are thin and see much fuller women, they envy them because they feel they are in better shape than them. The reverse is also very true with them.
2. Sucess
Just at the appearance of another woman, women quickly deduce that the other is more successful than them without even finding the underlying problems they might be facing and out of no reason, decide to envy each other. If someone is more successful than you, why not push harder to get to their level, why hate?
3.Hair Style
You will not believe this but women actually envy each other’s hair, the more reason why we see the same style all around town. They’ll speak against another woman’s hairstyle this minute and the next minute, they’re going to get the same style. Funny thing is, they’ll claim theirs is much better.
A woman can hate a fellow woman because she has a child and she doesn’t as if it is compulsory for everybody to give birth. Some can even hate another for having males or females they don’t have.
5.Better Dresing
Women actually compete against each when it comes to dressing. A man sees another man wearing the same kind of shirt he’s wearing and they can become friends, a woman sees same and they become sworn enemies with each claiming the other is trying to copy her style. Chill ladies, there is enough for each and everyone.
6.Better Relationship
There are problems in every relationship but some women are just good at putting up a good show to cover their problems. Other women see this and think everything is well with them and wish to have what they have and this has been the reason why we see friends snatching each other’s boyfriends.
Most women have the notion that the other woman is prettier than the and will always want to be like them. Instead of being happy for their colleague, they’ll rather bad mouth the other woman by insulting them and saying things which are not even true about them. Anytime they say something about the other person, they’ll add, she thinks she’s beautiful
8.Something They Can’t Have
A woman can hate another woman for having something she doesn’t have. This could be a man, education, job, phone, car, house, money etc.
Gossiping is the number one reason there’s so much hatred between women. Most women gossip and always have the impression her friend will gossip when she’s not around. When a woman hears another woman has said stuff about her to other people, it’s war time.
10.Position At Work
A woman is the Managing Director, she is a Relationship officer, that is a problem for her. Instead of supporting the MD to succeed, they’ll rather envy her to the point of hatred.